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Prioritizing Yourself

Sharing the importance of self care and a few ways to prioritize yourself this week.


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Dress via ModCloth (no longer available) | Sandals (TTS) – Similar via Target | Earrings via Sol y Soul

Living through a pandemic, it can be a little hard to be the best version of yourself. It’s easy to feel alone, overwhelmed, and spent all at the same time. And folks, that’s a hard place to be living in, especially when you have people depending on you. But if the last year has taught me anything, it’s that we have to take care of ourselves because we can live our best lives during a pandemic. Over the last few months, I’ve made it my mission to be intentional with my time to help set my mind straight. How? By prioritizing self care.

It’s easy think that self care is selfish. Taking time for yourself to focus on yourself can be selfish, and guess what – that’s the point. Self care is about prioritizing yourself in order to take care of your mental health. But let’s get one thing straight – self care isn’t always massages and bubble baths. When push comes to shove, self care is about doing something that brings you joy. For me that can be a stroll through Target, cleaning out my closet, or spending some time in our hammock. But self care is also making sure your fed, well rested, and mentally running on all cylinders.




I cannot stress this enough, self care is really important because it puts you in the state of mine that cherishes you, and sometimes you need a little cherishing. Whether it’s dedicating 30 minutes for a jog, reading a book, giving yourself a mani – whatever it is, make time to care for your well-being. If you’re not in the right place mentally, how do you expect to properly be there for those around you? Get where I’m going with this one?

I really hope this post really sets you on a path to take care of yourself this week. At the end of the day, you have to invest in yourself. Remember, self care is recognizing when you’re burnt out and need to recharge. So how will you prioritize yourself this week?




Get the Look:

Dress via ModCloth (no longer available) | Sandals (TTS) – Similar via Target | Earrings via Sol y Soul

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