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Get the Look:

On Me: Similar Dress | Vest | Similar Flats

On Remy: Similar Dress | Vest  | Shoes 

I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to do these ‘Mommy and Me’ posts. I assume the content will very depending on life events, our outfits and/or any ideas I come up with along the way. For the inaugural post I thought I’d share how I go about dressing my tiny human, and my do’s and don’t’s on what I want this series to become.

After examining both Remy and my wardrobes I promise I won’t post something for the sake of posting it and that our outfits are going to work off one anothers – i.e. I won’t buy a tulle skirt because Remy has one (I’m also not 6). The purpose is not to buy something for these posts but to utilize our already extensive wardrobes. Same goes for Remy’s style – I won’t force her to wear something she doesn’t want to wear. We’re well past that stage/age. She’s got her own style and athletic and I want to nurture that not stifle it. That’s not how I role.

photo IMG_4087_zpsu2qpzdmo.jpg

photo IMG_4098_zpsf0cbegpi.jpg

photo IMG_4109_zps9a8xxi0t.jpg

photo IMG_4114_zpsur8xf6o3.jpg

On this particular Sunday the weather had reverted back to its warmer ways so we took advantage and left the heavy layers at home. What better way to add a little somethin’ to a simple outfit than to top off the look with a denim vest. We already know I’ve got a thing for denim vests, so the fact that my mini me also has one? Well that’s just fate, my friends.

 photo IMG_4102_zpsh4ecfkjk.jpg

 photo IMG_4099_zpslbryrtby.jpg

 photo IMG_4107_zpslxjx4nyn.jpg

 photo IMG_4104_zpswgjk1hkx.jpg

 photo IMG_4088_zpsqekklewy.jpg

Get the Look:

On Me: Similar Dress | Vest | Similar Flats

On Remy: Similar Dress | Vest  | Shoes 


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