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Sometimes it’s all about making a statement (like this blouse) and sometimes it’s about community.


Get the Look:

Blouse (TTS) | Jeans (size up 1) | Flats (size down 1/2 size) | Similar Heart Purse | Similar Earrings

I’d like to first point out that on this particular day, the weather gods were treating us all to a nice 60-degree day, so I wasn’t the crazy person not wearing a jacket in the middle of winter. If this were now, I’d probably have to wear something a little more substantial but Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow so spring is around the corner…

Fun fact: this is the second iteration of this post. I had something else written up and then scrapped it because I wanted to talk about community. One of my blog goals for 2020 is to create a bigger sense of community for Fabulously Average and it’s readers. I know that a big bulk of you visit my blog via my social media channels. Not to mention, many of you visit FabAve via your phones. I love that y’all are always engaging and interested in what I have to say and share. Whether it’s about how to remix an item, my favorite curly girl products, fitness and health, motherhood – you name it, y’all are always there and for that, I am utterly thankful. I’m constantly sharing and always receiving the most amazing feedback from all of you. It is pretty awesome to feel supported by virtual friends from across the internet.

The newsletter was the first step in an attempt to build a community for FabAve readers but I’m also contemplating also creating a private Facebook group. I have the official FB page but I’m finding that private groups might be a better way to engage with one another. We’ll see, there are still a lot of things that are up in the air.

Is there anything, in particular, you’d think would be helpful as a reader?


Here are a few statement blouses I’m loving right now:





Get the Look:

Blouse (TTS) | Jeans (size up 1) | Flats (size down 1/2 size) | Similar Heart Purse | Similar Earrings

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