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How I Reboot After Traveling

Wondering how I reboot after traveling? Sharing my four tips on how I recharge after a business trip to get me ready for a new week!

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Happy Monday, y’all! Can we all agree that this month has flown by? I feel like this whole year has been traveling at the speed of light, with the exception of July, and I am beside myself that we’re already creeping into Fall. Just a few short weeks until cooler mornings! Anyways, how was your weekend? Last week I was traveling for work so my weekend was spent rebooting from my business trip. I thought it would be helpful to share my tips for recharging after time away from home and how I get back into the swing of things.
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How I Reboot After Traveling

First things first, I have to immerse myself in those that I love. If I was away from the hubby and the kids they get all of me for the days immediately after my trip. I also try and schedule dinner with friends once I’m back and let that quality time of reconnection wash over me. Nurturing the relationships with the people I love is a great way to fill my tank after time away.

Next up I have to unpack, do laundry and put it all away in order to properly reset from a trip. My option, if you let it sit it’ll only pile up and add unnecessary stress to your life. Why not start the week off on the right foot and have your entire wardrobe clean and ready for a fresh start?

Something else I make a priority once I’m back from a trip is to reset my and body, and what better way to that than a good sweat sesh! I make sure to look at the schedule of any classes I want to take and schedule a few for the upcoming week. This way I don’t leave it for last minute and ensure I get that time at the gym to sweat it all out.

If you didn’t catch that last hint, sweating it all out helps from the indulgences I usually do while I travel. I eat ALL THE THINGS while traveling so resetting my diet is a major must-do when I’m back from a trip. For the week following a trip I try to stay away from sugar, hydrate like crazy and make sure I’m getting in plenty of veggies to detox my system.
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