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3 Ways I Prepared for Back to School Shopping

This is my first go-around with back to school season so I’m sharing the 3 ways I prepared and how to save money.

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A friend recently asked me if I did any back to school shopping for Remy, and while I did, I did so strategically. In case y’all didn’t know, I’m a shopaholic so I didn’t want to establish the belief that back to school season meant a whole new a wardrobe. For myself or for Remy. In my household that doesn’t seem like the best habit to build. Instead I want it to be a time where Remy and I assess what she may or may not have currently in her wardrobe and fill in the holes for the new school year. It’s never too late to be intentional with your shopping, can I get an amen!?
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First off, I want to share the method I take when shopping for clothes for both my kids. I’m not going to spend an arm and a leg on something that will get ruined with paint and can’t withstand wear and tear – these are kids anyway, I gotta let them live! I don’t want to get upset if Remy comes home and her clothes are ruined. Because of this, we shop at affordable stores like Old Navy, Target, Kohl’s and Walmart. Specifically for Remy, I also started shopping online at FabKids because they offer trendy kid pieces at a major discounted price.
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3 Ways I Prepared for Back to School Shopping

1. Take stock of what you already have. First and foremost, before spending a dime, take inventory of your child’s current wardrobe. See what fits, try things on, asses what may be damaged and divvy up everything into piles accordingly based on what you’ll be keeping, what you’ll be tossing and what you’ll be donating. An important thing to note, don’t store away items that may be considered summer clothes, like tanks or t-shirts. These pieces can be great layering items for fall and winter.

2. Make a list. Once you’ve established the clothing that can be worn for the next six months/up to a year, make a list of the holes in your child’s closet. This can be jeans, long sleeve shirts, zip up hoodies jackets, or in our case, new shoes, and prioritize what’s needed immediately based off that list. For us, we can hold off on buying long sleeve shirts because we still have another month or so before chilly weather hits, but if where you live it’s cooler I’d recommend adding that to your immediate needs list. Having a general idea of what the holes in your child’s wardrobe are and prioritizing that list can save you money in the long run.
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3. Consider signing up for rewards programs and hunt for coupon codes! I try to avoid buying anything at full price, this is especially true when shopping for kids clothing. I recommend signing up for rewards program which many stores offer now-a-days. This is a great way to plan back to school shopping based on any cash back you may have saved up. In the same vein, hunt for deals and coupon codes prior to shopping in-store or online. Do a quick search online for deals and scour coupon books for savings.
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Mama’s, how do you prepare for back to school shopping season?

Old Navy Favorites Under $20: 

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Kohl’s Favorites Under $35:

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