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Talking Things Through

I haven’t been on my game lately, so I’m talking it through and hoping to figure things out.


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2020 has definitely given us a different perspective on life. Some of us have learned to live with less, some of us have used this time to set boundaries and remove toxic people from their lives, and some of us have used this time to reflect on what’s next. Regardless of where you stand, I think we can all agree that this year has been a year of transformation thus far.

The last several months has really put this blog into perspective for me. I’ve realized that I think I want more out of it and what it offers, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to move forward. Fabulously Average started back in the spring of 2011 while I lived in Arizona, in desperate need for a creative outlet. It helped me stay somewhat connected to my friends and family back east, as well as created something that was solely mine. FabAve has grown so much in the last nine years and has evolved with me, every step of the way.

There was a time when I blogged five times a week. Mind you, that was a time before kids, but still, that’s a lot. How I found the time to create so much content is beyond me, and while it wasn’t always mind-blowing, innovative stuff, it took time. Lately, I’ve found myself not having enough time to dedicate to this space. And that breaks my heart because I love this blog and this community we’ve built together. But my consistently lately hasn’t been up to par for what I want for this space.



I’m not saying Fabulously Average is going anywhere, because it’s definitely not. But I need to take real time to figure out what’s next. I know for sure that it’ll always center around personal style, it always has and I love sharing that type of content so that won’t change. As I type these word, however, I really don’t know if anything will change. I just think I’m restless. Unfortunately, that restlessness is paralyzing me.

The truth is, I know what I have to do to get things back on track. I need to start taking time to plan again and maybe go back to creating a content calendar. Maybe I should change up my content more often, share more beauty, long-form essays, maybe home posts. I don’t really know where I’m going with this but I’m thankful that I have this space and this community to talk things through with. So thanks for listening! If you want to see anything in particular, feel free to leave a comment, email me, or DM me via Instagram.





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Grace Atwood x Amazon Drop (no longer available) | Sneakers (TTS) | Belt Bag | Earrings via Sol y Soul

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