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I don’t know if it’s due to some kind of hormonal change or if I’ve somehow mastered the perfect combination of products, but my skin lately has been all kinds of cooperative. I’ll side with the ladder and assume that I’ve cracked the code! Today I thought I’d help my fella females out and share the skin care products that have been saving my skin as of late. Side note: I have combination skin with an oily T-zone.

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Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Toner – after I wash my face or remove my makeup for the night with a face wipe, I grab a cotton ball and swipe my face with toner to remove any leftover dirt.

Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask – This stuff is magic! One minute on and your face is soft like butta!

Eslor Chlorophyll Lifting Mask – This is such a soothing mask! You apply all over the face, leave on for a few minutes and then peel as much off as you can. Remove the residue with a damp washcloth.  [received in my BodyCharm]


BioMiracle Anti-aging Moisturizing Vitamin C Face Masks  I apply this mask once every couple weeks and it does wonders for my skin. It combats any dry patches but doesn’t over hydrate my already oily T-zone.

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Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel – whether or not this product actually works, I don’t know but I do love how it makes my eyes feel after application.

Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Skin Cream – I apply this nightly after a clean face.

Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips – This is another product I only use ever several weeks. I can’t hate something that removes pores.

Previse Rose Water Oil – A face oil that doesn’t leave your face oily, who knew? [received in my BodyCharm]


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