Remy – Fifteen Months Old

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So this monthly update is long overdue, huh? Oh’s well, it’s up and that’s what matters, right? So I was going to wait until next month to change up the format of Remy’s monthly pictures but this last months was horrible, so here ya go. These monthly pictures get harder to take with an antsy toddler rocking herself back and forth so this allows me to be a bit more flexible.


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Routine: Not much has changed as far as our routine has been. Since I am still not working I’m obviously Remy’s primary caregiver. However she has been to daycare twice; she seemed to have liked it but I’m not sure how I personally like the daycare, as they aren’t as communicative about her daily activities as the one Remy attended in Arizona. I guess we’ll see when I get a job and she is there on a more regular basis.

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Napping/Sleeping: As far as napping Remy is doing really well. We have successfully taken away her mid-morning nap and now she typically goes down for a nap after lunch. She’s usually tuckered out and naps for about 2-3 hours. Praise!

Night time sleeping wise we are in a regression phase. She is waking up a couple times a night, the first occurring around midnight but she is easily soothed. However between 2-4 am she’ll wake up once more and won’t fully go back to sleep unless we bring her in bed with us. Yes, we are co-sleeping again and I am well aware that this might bite us in the you-know-what but hey, we all value our sleep, LOL.

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Eating: Home girl is still being a picky eater. It’s really annoying, so much so that I typically dread meal time. Breakfast doesn’t bother me as much since fruit is acceptable breakfast food, but for lunch and dinner girlfriend only wants fruit! I try to incorporate string cheese or slices of turkey meat but those could be a hit one day and a miss another day. Her current favorites include: bread (especially sour dough), grilled cheese, watermelon, strawberries, yogurt, clementines, and cheddar bunnies.

*Fellow moms, any suggestions on how to incorporate other food groups into the mix?

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Growth: My girl is in the 98th percentile in her height group stretching 33 inches long. She is in the 94th percentile in weight weighing in at 26 pounds.

I feel like Remy won’t have enough room in her mouth for all of her teeth! She has between 12 and 14 teeth right now. I can’t give you an accurate number as girlfriend won’t let me look and when she does she bits down. Ouch!

Clothes wise she is still wearing 12-18 month clothes however anything left in the 12mo range is usually used as a sleep tee since her little potbelly sticks out:) Shoe size: 5.

Parenting: I’ve gotta say, the thing I’ve found most difficult about parenting up until now has been disciplining. Remy understand ‘no’ but she really likes to test her boundaries so a lot of the time I sound like a broken record. I want her to explore her surroundings but I also don’t want her to get hurt, I want her to eventually learn cause and effect so sometimes she needs to get hurt in order to understand the outcome of something she as warned about it – it’s all just such a learning experience for Remy, Kevin and I.

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  • She can point to her tummy if you ask her where it is.
  • Has a couple little beauty marks like her mom.
  • Likes shoes and if you take them off her she freaks out. This from a baby that hated them in the past.
  • Practically runs.
  • Has full blown curly hair!
  • Dances to everything.
  • Met her cousins and while it took her a little while to warm up to them she eventually was running around with them.

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We are really enjoying the Fall season as a family, going to different pumpkin patches (complete with a ton of activities for kids) and has made some friends a church daycare. With the holiday season right around the corner, I’m eager for her to be around more family!


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