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My Social Media Free Weekend

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If we’re friends on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) then you might have noticed that I was MIA all last weekend. As part of my 18 for 2018 list, one of the my goals is to go social media free for at least four weekends in the year. Doesn’t seem so bad, right? WRONG?! It was excruciating and I’m embarrassed by how many times I reached for my phone only to realized that I’d deleted all of my favorite apps. By the end of the first day, I’d stopped grabbing for my phone to bring along with me around the house. The addition is real y’all because by 9pm on Sunday I’d re-downloaded IG, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat and sat quietly for an hour as I caught up on everything I missed.

Today I thought I’d share with you a few observations from my social media free weekend. Mind you, this is more of a play-by-play of my weekend but I’m giving you a glimpse as to how scenes from my weekend would have been shared had I not been on a social media freeze.

Weekend Recap:

  • As soon as I woke up on Saturday I instantly felt like I needed to update social media with the fact that I didn’t sleep well the night before. On Instagram that would have been done with a picture of a full coffee cup in focus on the foreground and my children in the background out of focus. Maybe with the “Tired” sticker and the time stamp. This would be posted specifically to IG Stories. On Twitter it might have been done with a question like, “more coffee please?” and a gif of a tired pug that’s running and face plants. The announcement would not have been posted to Facebook.
  • A cute picture of Remy at the birthday party we attended might have made its way to IG Stories with a caption about how much of a free spirit she is. Heart eyes emoji, of course.
  • A screenshot of the goodies we scored at Dick’s Sporting Goods in preparation for Remy’s first official soccer season would have been shared on IG Stories with something about how fast she’s growing up. The same image would be shared on Facebook, too, and added to Remy’s special album.
  • Videos of Theo mooing would have made their way on IG Stories and Facebook. It’ll go something like this: I ask him what a cow says, he moo’s. #CuteKidAlert captioned in the share.
  • Saturday night I would have taken to IG Stories to rant & praise about motherhood – the long day I’d had with just me in the kids, running around, doing all the mom things.
  • Snaps from the perfect Sunday evening outside with the kids – playing in dirt, kicking the soccer ball, following Theo as he figures out how to go up and down the porch steps. Posted on Snapchat and IG Stories with a stamp of the temperature and maybe a ‘Sunday Funday’ hashtag.


  • If it’s not posted on social media, did it happen? Examples: my first gym session after “the sickness,” playing outside with my kids enjoying the beautiful weather, the fact that I had a pampered night of skincare, etc. I rely on social media to hold me accountable to push myself at the gym, to be a good mother, to take time to take care of myself and decompress. Strange, right?
  • I favor IG Stories over everything else, even scrolling through Instagram itself. Maybe because it’s a chronological account of someone’s day versus random posting from 6 days ago and perfectly curated images.
  • Facebook is strictly for sharing family stuff, and the specific FabAve page only get’s action if I can do so directly from Instagram.
  • Twitter is where I openly complain or express my opinions without real judgement.
  • I rely on social media for my news. Maybe not for direct news but for articles that may catch my eye and lead me to the real news source.

How would you fare without social media for a weekend? Have you tried going cold turkey for a few days, or maybe just one?

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