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Theodore – Twenty Months

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This little guy reminds me every day that I’ve always wanted to be a boy mom. Like, I love having my little girl but something about having a boy keeps you humble. Pee in the face, eating rocks, ALL THE BOY THINGS. I can’t believe he’s growing so quickly before our eyes, where did my little buddy go?

Vocabulary/Talking: There are so many new words, I hope that I captured them all. He’s so chatty! Newest words include: where go, bear, again, mine, lellow (yellow), TV, bless you and okay. He’s really starting to string words together to make sentences!

Napping/Sleeping: Homeboy is sleeping through the night and is even keeping himself entertained in the mornings before we go in to get him ready for the day! Theo is still fighting the initial falling asleep process but once he’s out, he’s out.

Last weekend we had a pretty busy afternoon with Remy’s soccer team and I didn’t get Theo down for his nap until 1:45pm which is way past his normal 12pm nap time. He slept well thankfully but the next day he skipped his nap all together. I don’t know if the previous day’s nap put a wrench in our usual schedule but I’m hoping that whole weekend nap schedule, or lack thereof, was a flook.
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Eating: Last month Theo was sick for a bit and eating was a struggle but I’m happy to report little guy is back to his ‘eat all the things’ self! He’s getting really good at eating what we’re having for dinner, which is more than I can say for Remy. He loves chicken nuggets, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and corn on the cob. He also really like French fries and oranges.

Growth/Health/Development: No official stats for you this month, and I’m pretty sure I won’t have any until Theo’s 24 month check-up. We are officially phasing out 18 month clothing and he’s almost exclusively wearing 24 month pieces – big boy!

At his last check-up the pediatrician was concerned he might be anemic because his iron level was low. We’ve started giving him iron supplements with his breakfast to try and combat any potential anemia. At his next appointment they’ll probably check his blood once more to make sure he’s okay in which we’ll either stop with the iron supplement or keep at it.
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  • He can show you where his head, eyes, nose, mouth, belly button, hands, feet and toes are! We are working on ears which he gets sometimes but not all the time.
  • Theo loves dancing to the Jeopardy theme song. Like, it’s his jam! He fist pumps!
  • When I leave for work in the morning, he climbs on the couch to waves goodbye to me from the window. It’s my favorite part of the day.
  • He knows when he’s in trouble because he points to his butt and says, “pow pow?” which means spanking.
  • He participates in “Happy and you know it!”
  • He likes to steal the remote, point it to the television and say, “TV!”
  • I sneezed yesterday and he said with his sweet little voice, “bless you.”

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