Peaks and Valley’s

When: September 21, 2011

There’s something about oversleeping that just throws off your entire day. Why is that? Is it the fact that I didn’t have my entire 45 minutes to get ready for work? Or is it because I didn’t get to experience my (semi-long) shower? Or maybe it’s because I had to resort to pants because I didn’t have enough time to scoured my closet for the perfect mid-week dress. Now add not being able to fully straighten my hair, grab a decent breakfast and traffic and that’s where I’m at in the irritation scale. A full on 8.5.

But let’s think of the positives. It’s Wednesday! Tomorrow I’m participating in my first Paper Doll Project (more on that then)! And K and I are going to Colorado next week! I’m also excited that October is right around the corner. It should be a pretty promising month. But I’ll share all the exciting trips, parties and celebrations when they come. Stay tuned!

Wearing Top: Target, Faux Cardigan: Target, Pants:The Limited, Wedges: Target

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