No Bueno

When: September 7, 2011

I recently got transitioned to new accounts at work. It was a bitter sweet change. Bitter because it was, in some part, a demotion. We are in major need to fill some positions at work and I was basically doing two jobs. Now, I would normally  not have a problem with this, however in one of the positions I was never fully trained, so I was learning by fire. Let’s just say a lot of errors were made and unfortunately I view asking for help as weakness (personal problem).

The sweet part is that the crazy, demanding clients I worked with before got handed off to other co-workers. I’m also not as busy as I was a couple weeks ago, which has lifted my spirits. The change has also created new hours for me. Instead of going in at 8am and staying till 5pm, I’m in by 7am and out by 4pm. This has freed up a lot of my afternoon. I’m the first home, I could take my time cooking dinner, I have more time to blog. All good things.

Unfortunately, waking up at 5:30am to get ready for work has taken a toll on my love affair with my good friend sleep. I value my sleeping time and don’t like to mess with my cycle. Since I haven’t adjusted my bed time I’m waking up exhausted and doing a lot of oversleeping. Now if I oversleep that means there’s less time to get ready. Hence the tousled curls, the dark circles, and the uninspiring outfit. I also think that the lack of sleep is causing me to breakout. No Bueno.

Wow, I’ve taken my rambling to a whole new level today, haven’t I. Sorry I don’t have more interesting things to talk about. Let’s get to the outfit. Stripes, a bloggers go-to pattern. A bright color to add some pizzazz and fun earrings to tie it all together. There you have it boys girls and girls!

Wearing Dress: Target, Vest: Express, Flats:American Eagle for Payless, Earrings: Charming Charlie’s

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