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Your Most Humble Piece of Clothing

Why the basic white tee is one of the most underrated pieces in you closet, tips for styling it and a few examples for how to rock one every day of the week!

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The basic white tee. One of the most underestimated and humble closet staples in all our wardrobes. Why is it so underestimated? Well, because people tend to throw it on when they can’t seem to figure out what to wear and call it a day. But there is so much more your basic white tee can be doing for your personal style, you’ve just gotta let it speak to you, my friends!

The power behind a basic white tee is that it’s the perfect foundation piece. What does that mean? It means that you can play it up or play it down based on your style preference, and you do that by accessorizing! Whether you’re pairing it with a plaid mini, or simply styling it up with overalls – your basic white tee is the the perfect base piece you didn’t know you were missing. Read on for a few fundamental tips for styling a basic white tee and some examples that make it a little more fashion forward.
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Tips for Styling a White Tee Shirt

// This time of the year is a perfect time to utilize scarves as both a layering piece and a different way to add a new element to your outfit. Scarves are a great way to incorporate prints and a pop of color to your otherwise basic look.

// Use toppers like cardigans, blazers and jackets to be the standout piece of the look. They can also add more color if you’re looking a little bland and can incorporate a different texture to your look.

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// Consider playing up the bottom portion of your outfit, think pops of color or fun prints! Like this outfit, circa 2015, I styled a floral midi and a white tee, and back in 2012 I shared a cringe-worthy look with floral jeans and a basic white tee.

// Use unconventional pieces as toppers to include another layer and fun style element. Take a cue from this look from 2014 and layer a flannel over-top a basic white tee for a new and fun way to style both pieces.

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