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Challenging myself, and you, to step out of the dark and dreary colors of the season into something a little more…punchy!

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Sweater | Skirt | Rain Boots | Crossbody via JustFab | Hat

Lately, when it comes to my personal style, I’m in a very “more is more” mentality. Now, I know I’m no Blair Eadie or Jenn Lake but I am having fun injecting more color into my wardrobe. It’s easy to pile on the color during the Spring and Summer months, but I’m having just as much fun doing so now when it’s often dark and dreary outside. It adds to the challenge.

Taking a cue out of Blair and Jenn’s style handbook, I like that they love to play up the colors they are highlighting. Bee doesn’t just wear orange, she WEARS ORANGE! And Jenn doesn’t do a touch of pink, she makes pink her bitch! They commit and I admire them for that color commitment. But both women don’t just do single color outfits like artists in their prime, they know how to deck themselves in head-to-to color creations! It’s seriously like a work of art. I look forward to what looks they’ve put together and the story they tell with their outfits!

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The cold weather months tend to discourage us from wearing our most colorful pieces. Why? Maybe its the weather, maybe its the want to stay in bed, either way I’m ready to mix things up this Winter! I want to encourage y’all to experiment this season –  mix colors in wild ways, and above all else find out what works for you because at the end of the day, that’s what’s important. So, anyone want to join me?

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Get the Look:

Sweater | Skirt | Rain Boots | Crossbody via JustFab | Hat

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