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Developing Self Confidence

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As a mother to a daughter, I really want to make a conscious effort to instill in her a strong sense of self. In today’s society, a women’s worth is constantly questioned and tested, and I don’t ever want Remy’s confidence in herself to ever falter. She’s so strong-willed, and while it drives me bonkers, I admire her spirit! I don’t want her to ever lose that.

I have made it my mission to encourage her to keep that spunk and spirit. With just a few small actions daily – whether they are words of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement – my hope is that she’ll always know her worth and fully embraces her confidence. Here are just a few things I’ve started doing to develop Remy’s self confidence:

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  • Point out female leads for her to relate to. Show her that women can accomplish anything they put their minds to and be successful. From there, show her the differences and similarities between the heroines and how they can all make change.
  • Let her know that she can change the world. Everyday before I leave work, while Remy is eating breakfast, I tell her to listen to her teacher, learn a lot and change the world!
  • Be a role model. Kids learn to see the world by emulating those around them. So I want to be a positive energy for her to imitate. If I model self confidence, maybe she will too.

Yo mama’s, any additional advice you want to share on how to develop self confidence to your daughters?

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