Taking Stock

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Making: Mental packing lists for our family trip to San Francisco next month. Cannot wait!
Cooking: Shrimp stir fry or really anything that is simple, fast and fairly healthy.
Drinking: Tons of water! But tomorrow I’ll be all about the adult beverages at the Great Indoor Beer & Wine Festival!
Reading: Blogs. In the market to add some new reads to my bookmarks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Wanting: Peace of mind. There has been a lot of prayer for grace, patience and strength during this next big adventure the family and I will be taking.
Looking: For different ways to remix my favorite wardrobe pieces. Now that we’re moving I can’t be shopping so I need to literally shop my closet.
Playing: Rather Be by Clean Bandit, Chandelier by Sia, Try by Colbie Caillat, Honey & I by Haim
Wasting: Too much time on social media.
Wishing: That we are able to sell our house within the next month (or sooner!) so that we have money to buy a house when we move back home to Va.
Waiting: To hear news about our house selling.
Liking: The fact that Remy will grow up around family! Tons of cousins to play with.
Wondering: If numerous panic attacks can actually kill someone. Just asking…for a friend.
Loving: The fact that I’ll be able to attend my high school reunion come September!
Hoping: To spend some quality family time with just Kev and Remy during our SanFran trip.
Marveling: At what a drama queen Remy is. Seriously, home girl can win an award for her instant temper tantrums. Thankfully they subside rather quickly.
Needing: To stay steady in my faith in His plan.
Smelling: The rain in the air.
Wearing: Knock off Birkenstock Gizeh thong sandals with ankles straps in a gold metallic. New favorites, for sure!
Noticing: That I’ll have to possibly pre shoot looks for the blog once Kevin leaves for Va.
Thinking: About getting a hoop nose ring. I’ve wanted one for a while now.
Feeling: Overwhelmed, anxious, lost, and impatient.


This post was inspired by Kiera, who was inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by Pip😉


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