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Theo’s Birth Story

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On Wednesday, September 7, 2016, at 6:06 p.m. my handsome little gentleman, Theodore LeRoy, was born and made our family complete.

I wish I had an exciting birth story to share with you all today but for Theodore’s birth we decided to have a scheduled c-section. No bells and whistles or hustling to the hospital in the middle of the night for us this time around, at 37 weeks pregnant I decided that a c-section was the right thing for me and my baby.

After much internal deliberation, discussions with my husband and my doctor, I knew that a c-section was what I would feel most comfortable with in the end. Per my OB, I was eligible to undergo a vaginal delivery but was warned that there was a small chance (.1%) that my previous c-section scar might burst open during the laboring process (i.e. if I pushed too hard). That alone was all I needed to scare me silly, but I waited on making a decision because I wanted to keep an open mind. Finally at week 37 I made up my mind and scheduled my c-section a week prior to my due date (which was September 13).

I was told I couldn’t eat or drink anything eight hours before my scheduled surgery (which was 4 p.m.), so the morning of Theo’s birthday I woke up at 5:30 a.m., made myself a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and went back to bed. Right before the eight hour mark, I enjoyed an ice cold bottle of water and two Tums and went about my day as planned.

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(Last picture as a family of three)

That morning I held dear every moment with Remy as I got her ready for school and packed her things to stay with my in-laws through the weekend. Brushing her hair, helping her get dressed and fastening her into her car seat were moments I cherished. My in-laws had planned to bring her to the hospital on Thursday for the big meet so we explained to her how it was her baby brother’s birthday and that we’d be seeing her the following day. When we dropped Remy off at preschool I gave her one last hug as my only child.

As the day continued I proceeded to tidy up the house, made sure I hadn’t forgotten anything for my hospital bag, showered and applied a light layer of makeup. Finally around 1:45 p.m. we started making our drive to the hospital since I was supposed to arrive two hours prior to my surgery.

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When we got there I checked-in and was shown to a triage room where a nurse explained how the remainder of the day would play out. I undressed and put on a hospital gown, grippy socks, and my husband and I waited while I was hooked up to monitors and poked and prodded.

After about an hour I was told that they’d be moving my surgery down an hour because my doctor was going to have to perform an emergency c-section.

I think that’s when everything hit me. That I would be getting major surgery and complications could occur; that we’d be meeting our little guy that evening; and that life would be different from here on out.

The time came to wheel me to the operation room and immediately I panicked. My husband gave me a few words of affirmation and reminded me that I had been through the process which did calm me since I knew what was coming.

When I arrived at the room I met my ‘team’ and was given my epidural which didn’t hurt as much as I had originally remembered from my first delivery. Immediately the medication started kicking in and I was assisted on the operating table where I was prepped for surgery. My husband came in shortly after in his scrubs.

Unfortunately Kevin was far more nervous about fainting this time around so I had to calm him while things were going down. While the surgery was being performed I noticed I could see it happening in the light fixture above me. I warned me husband not to look up and proceeded to see as they cut me open and moved organs around. It was a really surreal experience but one I actually don’t regret. I got to see as they pulled Theo out of me, which was both gross and cool at the same time.

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Minutes after the first surgical cut was done Theodore was born. As I heard his first cry I began to tear up. He was finally here! My husband helped clean him up and instantly left the room because he was feeling light-headed. The nurse brought Theo over where the little guy did me a solid and opened his eyes to officially greet me. He was beautiful and I feel in love with him on the spot.

After six weeks we are feeling like a real, complete unit over at Casa de Mason. We have our difficult days, sure, but the really good days make up those, tenfold. The transition from one child to two has been an adjustment but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is how life was supposed to be. There is so much to be happy about.

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Remy’s birth story.


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