Nursing Must-Haves

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I’ve already shared my breastfeeding journey (read it here), now I wanted to share some of the nursing must-haves for new momma’s experiencing a little trouble during those first few weeks. The following items have been lifesavers for me and I anticipate will be in heavy rotation as I continue breastfeeding Remy. I truly believe these products will help make the painful ordeal of nursing your little one a lot less painful and highly suggest these items to new moms for pain free and efficient breastfeeding.

  • Lanolin Cream – rehydrates the cracked, chapped skin that can develop on or around your nipple.
  • Nursing Cap/Nipple Shield – I mentioned that I utilized (and still do) the help of a nursing cap when breastfeeding and it is my saving grace. It helps relieve possible pain from unsuccessful latching but still allows the skin to skin closeness that is essential during those first few weeks.
  • Nursing Pads – leakage is a real thing, ladies! Nursing pads help protect your clothing from possible leakage throughout the day and night! You’ll come to realize that the only time you don’t wear a bra is when you shower. Which leads me to the next nursing necessity…
  • Nursing Bras – trust me when I say you’ll be wearing a bra at all times. It helps support the extra weight (that I wasn’t used to) and helps with the whole leakage situation. I would suggest purchasing 3 nursing bras: (1) a full coverage option with an under wire for stepping outside of the house and making the ladies look good. I would recommend a clip down option, (2) a wrap nursing option that is perfect for sleeping in and lounging around the house in, and (3) a sports bra option that is razor back which help support back and shoulders. I would also recommend this one to be a clip down option. As for colors I went with 2 nudes and 1 black option.

Some people would suggest a nursing pillow however I’ve found ours pointless and only use it to help Remy sit up. I usually just use a regular bed pillow to lighten the load and prop her up closer to my chest. Another popular recommended must-have is a breastfeeding app. I could see how they can help monitor and track feeding, pump sessions, sleep schedules, and diaper changes but I was able to remember all that from memory. Yeah, I was surprised I was able to keep those logged in my memory without any trouble.

Momma’s sound off! What are some nursing must-haves that you couldn’t live without?


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