Theodore – Three Month Update

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Now that I’m back at work the little man has been staying with grandma, grandpa and daddy. We’ve somehow managed to have enough days off during the week that Theo can forgo daycare at least until the New Year. I am forever grateful for the love and support my in-laws provide and I’m happy that the tiny dude can be watched by family that love him.


Routine: We’ve managed to create a pretty smooth routine up until now but this week starts my transition back to full-time work so we’ll have to come up with something new. Next month I’ll fill you in on how things are going but I foresee a lot less sleep for me moving forward. With my pumping schedule and my hour commute to and from work I’ll be getting up pretty early to get things rolling in the morning.

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Napping/Sleeping: We’ve cracked the code! Well at least until the four month regression that’s bound to hit us within the next couple weeks. Napping is more of a touch and go kinda thing but he gets enough for him to sleep soundly at night. We typically put him to bed at 8 p.m. and he sleep until around 3 a.m. when I nurse him and put him back to bed. The combination of the dockatot and the zen swaddle work like magic! I think next month we’ll try transitioning him into his crib but we’ll see…

Eating: We recently upped his breast milk intake from four ounces to five which he takes every three hours. I have a stock pile of breast milk in our freezer and have the ability to pump at work so I’d actually like to up his intake at least one more ounce within the next month.

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Growth/Health: We didn’t have a check-up this month so I can’t provide solid stats on his growth but the little guy seems to be growing at a normal rate, according to me;) He is fitting nicely into his three month wardrobe and even wore Remy’s ‘My First Christmas’ hand-me-down to see Santa last week! It didn’t quite fit, obviously, but he also wasn’t swimming in it, so that’s pretty impressive.


  • He giggles so much and it’s so easy to make him smile! He’s a smiley one:)
  • He likes to dance
  • Nicknames include Handsome Rob, Teddy and BooBoo
  • He prefers mom over dad
  • Car rides make him sleepy
  • He like’s blowing bubbles with is drool

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