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If we’re friends on the Twitter or Instagram (@joannealma) then you’ve noticed that I’ve been hitting the gym…hard! I go four times during the work week and Saturday mornings to sweat it out and clear my mind from the weeks nonsense. My gym trips have become routine, especially because the fella and I have invested in a personal trainer. We’ve even switched up our Tuesday date nights to gym nights and Subway afterwards. Romantic, I know!

Since I’ve begun working out regularly I’ve noticed that I’m lacking in the workout gear department. My usual getup consists of a roomy tee, yoga pants and a ratty old sports bra. However within the last couple weeks my attitude toward my body has changed. I feel more capable, agile, sexy even! This has resulted in me skimping up my workout wardrobe from the for mentioned to spandex shorts and fitted tees. But I’ve realized that I need legit workout clothes that can withstand the stretch of yoga, the gyration of Zumba and the sweat of the treadmill. Enter the nice folks over at GigaSavvy who’ve recently reached out for me to review this season’s 2012 Fashion Collection. Perfect timing!

For my review I chose these Nike printed tempo running shorts, Nike crew neck tee and an Ideology seamless sports bra (not shown). I absolutely love my selection, as each piece is made with breathable fabric perfect for an intense workout and is made for a woman’s body. I’m also loving the fact that the running shorts have side insets for ventilation, not to mention adorable printed stripes that add a little extra flair to workout clothing. Don’t judge me, I’m girly okay!

So if you’re working out or contemplating to, I would definitely suggest you go out and buy yourself at least one activewear ensemble. It just might be the boosted you needed to get your butt to the gym. Workout out in style, that’s my motto;)

Disclosure: I received material compensation for the review in collaboration with GigaSavvy. All opinions expressed are that of my own, as I always give my honest views, findings, beliefs, or experiences on all posts receiving compensation

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