Pregnancy Update – Week 26

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  • So the back pain is starting to creep in every
    now and again, but it only occurs if I’m sitting in the same position for too
    long so a simple fix is to adjust my body or take a quick around the room.
  • Is it weird that I find dressing myself for
    this pregnancy a lot easier than the first time around. I feel like I’ve got an
    even more limited wardrobe that before (since
    I can’t locate my maternity gear)
    but with the items I’ve supplemented my
    wardrobe with I seem content to work with what I’ve got. But get back to me in
    a couple weeks and see if I feel the same.
  • So the pregnancy insomnia is becoming more and
    more of an issue. Thankfully it doesn’t kick in until about 3:30 a.m. but
    still, what gives?
  • Been craving a lot of sushi lately. I’m calling
    it, I’d like that to by my fist meal postpartum!
  • We have yet to setting on a name for Baby Boy
    Mason. I think we’re having more trouble this time around because my husband
    thinks it’s his duty to name the boy since I named Remy. Um, NO!
  • My heartburn is still pretty consistent, which
    was what I experience with Remy, too.
  • This little guy is so active! He is always on
    the move and it’s strange to see my stomach make jerking movements from time to
    time. Well strange and cool!
  • The massive baby to-do list has been created
    and there is a ton to do before this little guy arrives! Hopefully we’ll start
    crossing things off the list soon.
  • I had my glucose test yesterday and boy had I forgotten how sugary sweet that stuff is. Yuck! I should know soon whether or not I passed, but I’m not worried. 
  • Baby Boy is measuring right on track! His heart rate is 145.
  • Current weight gain: 20lbs. The doctor suggested I try and only gain a pound a week from hear on out. I’m going to try my hardest to eat healthier and take daily walks to keep my weight in check this time around. 
  • While this pregnancy has been a lot easier on my body than the first, emotionally I’ve been all over the map. We’ve had some crap luck these last few months and emotionally I haven’t been handling it well. Luckily I’m a master at hiding my emotions but I think it’s starting to take a toll on me.


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