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My 2 Ultimate Tips for Styling Mom Jeans

Taking a page from my 90’s style gurus and give y’all my 2 MUSTS for styling “mom jeans”. 

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Cardigan | Similar Bodysuit | Jeans (under $30!) | Booties | Crossbody | Earrings

Truth: I take a offense when people use the term mom jeans. You wanna know why? Because in almost every instance they are referring to a pair of jeans that are unappealing. Why must we make a connection between ill-fitting denim and moms? I know I’m being an oversensitive millennial about this but I’m pretty sure non-mothers have been rocking crap jeans since before moms made them “cool”. Perfect examples: Monica, Phoebe and Rachel. And if you don’t know what I’m referencing you’re too young to be reading this blog and should exit out now, LOL!

As if this trend is something new, have we not been sporting boyfriend jeans or straight leg denim for forever too? They’re all pretty much the same trend, am I right? Maybe or maybe not, either way wearing denim with a little extra fabric, that aren’t skin tight (like the ever so popular skinny jeans) is all about proportions.
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My 2 Ultimate Tips for Styling “Mom Jeans”

1// Tuck it in. First things first, if you’re going to sport a pair of oversize jeans, you’ve got to create a silhouette that won’t drown you out. Either do a front tuck with your top of choice (especially chunky sweaters) or opt for a bodysuit like I’ve done here. Doubling up on the volume – i.e. pants and tops – does your frame a disservice no matter what body type you are. Essentially you want to define your waist by tucking or semi-tucking your shirt.

2// Add some height. Heels aren’t a must with this denim trend but they do add the cool girl element to the overall outfit. Relaxed, loose-fitting bottoms can sometimes make legs look shorter, but by adding heels you are elongating your legs instead and balance out the relaxed shape of the jeans.

Shop the Trend: 

Whether you like the trend and hate the name as much as I do, my final bonus tip is to pair this type of denim with familiar pieces from your wardrobe. The best way to feel your best when rocking a trend for the first time is to pull from what you know and love! By doing so, you don’t feel as out of your comfort zone.
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Get the Look:

Cardigan | Similar Bodysuit | Jeans (under $30!) | Booties | Crossbody | Earrings

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