Pregnancy Update: Week 38

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  • I’ve been sick with congestion and a pretty
    nasty cough for the last two weeks. I’m really hoping to kick this thing to the
    curve before Baby Boy Mason arrives because I’d like to not add extra stress to
    the whole labor and delivery process. Unfortunately Remy has picked up my sickness, too. But we have a few
    more days/weeks to get well and disinfect the house!
  • I’ve experienced some swelling on my feet and
    ankles but my engagement ring is still holding strong!
  • As I shared earlier this week, the nursery is
  • I’ve had some contractions and cramping every
    now and again. Very uncomfortable to say the least.
  • Total weight gain thus far = 37 pounds. Mind
    you, with Remy I gained about 50lbs so I’m on doing much better than the first
    time around.
  • To do this week/weekend: deep clean the house (I’m oddly giddy about this!), build the pack & play for downstairs usage,
    build the dual stroller, laundry, pack
    Remy’s overnight bag and my hospital bag, have Kevin double check that the car
    seat is installed correctly, spend some real quality time with our Remy girl!
  • I’m still experiencing some insomnia but not as
    much as a few months ago. This is mainly due to the fact that I get up at
    least 4 time a night to go to the bathroom!
  • I’ve been craving
    strawberry milkshakes from McDonald’s so badly! 
  • I’m trying not to be anxious about delivery and the arrival of a new family member so any positive vibes you can send my way are greatly appreciated! 


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