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Dress c/o eShakti | Heels | Clutch | Earrings

Please tell me you read the post title with this song in mind because that was my intention! FYI – Trolls Holiday is my new favorite seasonal movie, so cute! Remy and I are obsessed. But enough about my mini me, let’s get to the look. Can we talk about this dress? Gah, so perfect for this time of the year, am right!? I actually wore this stunner for one of my dear friends’ wedding earlier this month and it was the perfect ensemble for a little (a lot) dancing, some drinks and a good time with my sorority sisters and our fellas.

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All night I envisioned myself as the woman dancing (in the red dress) emoji. And folks, that’s exactly what I did! I was a dancing machine, enough so that the photographer asked me to recreate a hair whip. Ha!

This dress took me back to my college days. Why you ask? Well because red was my “go get ‘em” color back in my hay day. It was the color I wore when I wanted to dazzle, or when I needed just a little more confidence. But somewhere in my journey from crazy sorority girl to mom of two I lost that dazzle. So when I spotted this dress I knew it was going to my new dazzle dress!

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I had the option of customizing this stunner almost any way I wanted. I could have chosen to make it a maxi, a midi, a different neckline, different sleeves – the opportunities were endless! But in the end, the existing silhouette just spoke to me on so many levels. And on that early December Saturday, as I witnessed love in the most beautiful form, I let the dazzle wash over me. Should I have named this post “The Dazzle Dress?”

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Get the Look:
Dress c/o eShakti | Heels | Clutch | Earrings 


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