Where are all the Exotic Bloggers?

Am I out of line in saying I’m tired of seeing the same style/fashion blogger prototype? You know the type: she’s thin, she’s beautiful, she’s blond and has great style to boot? Don’t get me wrong, some of my favorite bloggers are blond bombshells (Julia, Jentine, Jessie) but in this day and age where diversity is no longer a taboo subject, where are all the exotic bloggers?

Have I been under a rock in thinking that I don’t see many African American bloggers or the sassy Latina posting about her daily fashion musings? And what about the Middle Eastern bloggers, are they out there? As a minority, I would totally love to see people like me making a difference in the style/fashion community. Unfortunately I see the same handful of ladies in Refinery29, Glitter Guide and other fashion blogger networks and avenues.  Am I wrong in saying that women of color have impeccable style too!

I understand that probably for every 15 Caucasian bloggers (PC enough for you) there is 1 girl of color, whether she’s Hispanic, Asian, African American or Middle Eastern. But if we don’t change that  made up factoid, who will? So here’s to the diverse bloggers I follow daily, thank you for helping change the typical stereotype: This Time Tomorrow, Little Tin Soldier, Fashion Forward Diary, Fashion Bananas and many more!

If you know of a blog with a lady of color (whichever color that is), please share! I need to add some diversity to my Favorites bar. Oh, and what are your thoughts on the subject, am I the only one that feels this way?

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