New Obssession

When: September 1, 2011

Remember this vest? It was on my very first Polyvor wish list.  K saw me admiring it a month ago and asked if I was going to purchase it. I told him that it was smarter if I didn’t, if I bought one item a second would surely follow. I think he saw my desire to own the lovely, military inspired canvas surplus vest. I also think he was proud of me. I clearly have a shopping problem (like every style/fashion blogger) and the fact that I was trying to be responsible with my money was something he liked.

A couple weeks later a packaged arrived. I opened it only to find said vest. I am so excited to include it in my fall wardrobe and so thankful that the fella had thought of me. This vest will certainly come in handy when I want to punk up a girly outfit like I did above, or for Fall camping trips (many planned!).

Wearing Lace top: Thrifted, Petal Skirt:Forever21, Vest: Old Navy, Flats: TJ Maxx, Necklace: Old Navy

(Today you get TWO outfits! Why, aren’t you lucky)

That same Thursday I was invited to a Cardinals preseason football game against the Broncos. I was obviously not wearing football appropriate attire (see first picture) but wouldn’t have enough time to drive home and back to meet co-workers for dinner. My only option? Go shopping of course!

Luckily there’s an Old Navy down the street from my office building. I made a mad dash and found this NFL inspired tee perfect for the occasion! How awesome is that? Pretty awesome if you ask me:)

Wearing  Tee: Old Navy, Vest: Old Navy, Shorts: Borrowed (Thanks Melissa), Flats: Old Navy

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