30 for 30: EBEW- Golden #26

Worn July 12, 2011 to work

Have you ever heard the term ‘Golden Birthday’? You know, the birthday when you turn the same age as your birth date. Well, in 30 for 30 terms today’s outfit is my golden outfit, hence the golden tanks. And in addition to my participation in the 30 for 30 remix challenge today I am also participating in Everybody Everywear. Gotta love the style blogging community, I sure do!

26 has given me more of a shock than any other age. Why? Well because I’m 26!? I’m married, have a grownup job and own a home (almost). All those facts legitimize my adulthood, right? And it seems so surreal, I still feel like the lost 18 year old kid from high school. Yet however stunned I may seem, I am extremely happy with where I am.

Outfit number 26, so close to the end of my very first remix challenge! And like I was told two weeks ago (by a 19yr old kid), it looks good for 26 (yeah, I was bewildered by the comment).

ebew yellow

Let’s finish strong!

              Similar Shoe | Black Tank  Similar Yellow Tank | Simliar Skirt 

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