Nerdy Chic

When: September 27, 2011

I do apologize for the horrid pictures I exposed you to yesterday. But what’s the point of a personal style blog if I don’t consistently show you my hits and my misses. Am I right? Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope your week is going better than mine, not that mine is going badly but I’ve been anxious, which leads to stress. The snowball effect of my life, so dramatic.

Today’s outfit is inspired by this look from Fashion Week. Very nerdy chic, wouldn’t you agree? I didn’t want to wear this shirt, again, but I knew it would pair well with a collared shirt. I almost wore a very cute, very comfy sweater I bought from Old Navy this past weekend but I would have looked like an idiot. Why? Because today’s high is 101°F. I’ve decided I will save it for my trip to Colorado this weekend.

So you must b ewondering what I’ll be doing in Colorado, I keep mentioning it but not giving details. My apologies. K and I are meeting up with his family for the re-induction of his grandfathers’ jersey into the CSU Football Hall of Fame. Isn’t that awesome! AND it’s Colorado States homecoming game. However, some of this week’s anxiety is because of this trip. It will be the first time I’m meeting K’s mom side of the family. I’ve met all of the aunts and uncles but his weekend I meet K’s cousins. Thankfully they are our age but I just hope they like me.

But don’t worry, I will take copious amount of pictures and I won’t skimp on my duty to take outfit photos…I hope.

Wearing Shirt, Button-up, Capri’s:Target, Wedges, Bracelets: Old Navy, Frames: Forever21, Watch: Thrifted

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