Work Your Wardrobe


I am a firm believe in effectively remixing one’s wardrobe in a myriad of ways. In the infancy of this blog, my main goal was to be able to ‘shop my closet’ in its full capacity without mindlessly spending money every time I had ‘nothing to wear’. After tons of experimenting – figuring out what silhouettes and trends work for my everyday life and style, curating the core basics, and learning how to mix and match without much effort – I can honestly say I’ve got a firm handle on this ‘working my wardrobe’ concept!

In my hopes of helping the average (yet fabulous!) woman debunk her wardrobe woes and get more millage out of her closet, I’ve compiled some posts I hope can help you in your style journey. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to style that chambray shirt, or another item to pair your favorite stripe skirt with, this drop down menu is dedicated to you!