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  • Wardrobe Diaries

    Broken Promises

    I may have promised an attempt to break away from my latest color obsession of black, white and gray (here)…

  • Wardrobe Diaries

    Gray Matter

    Gray – it seems to be the one color you’ll find me wearing as of late. The color du jour,…

  • Wardrobe Diaries

    Casually Girly

    Didn’t I warn you I’d wear this hat an inordinate amount of times? It seriously pairs well with everything in…

  • Wardrobe Diaries

    Old Favorites

    Yep, I’m wearing this hat again! It has easily become my go-to accessory of choice when I’m having a bad…

  • Wardrobe Diaries

    Make and Take

    Another layered look for your viewing pleasure! In case you were wondering this isn’t a jacket but a well-crafted illusion…

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    Like many others women, Target is my kryptonite. While browsing the Phillip Lim collection at my local Target (I did…