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  • Wardrobe Diaries

    Season Premier

    Last year my Gap fleece dress was kinda like the unsung hero of my wardrobe. I styled is up various…

  • Wardrobe Diaries


    As you can tell these pictures were in no way taken in Arizona. We are having lovely Spring-like weather (as…

  • Wardrobe Diaries

    Floral Frock

    When I initially received this flora stunner from PersunMall a couple weeks back, I was excited to winterize it with…

  • Wardrobe Diaries

    Hobo Chic

    I wore this look on what can only be described as the perfect December day. On this particular Sunday, I…

  • Wardrobe Diaries

    Beanie Baby

    Fall has officially arrived in Arizona, ladies and gents and the crisp, chilly weather was just what this desert dweller was…