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Giving you a behind the scenes look at my [hypo] manic life.


It has taken some time, but I’ve come to the realization that I have to make my mental health a priority. As an advocate for mental wellness, I share my story so that I can help break the stigma behind mental illness and be a voice for those unable or unwilling to speak up.  So Today I thought I would share something a little different. When I am hypomanic, a lot of things run through my mind. From new ideas, to a life of grandeur – being manic can be the most wonderful thing in the world, but also the most scary thing in the world. To illustrate what I go through during those episodes, here are some of the my most recent manic thoughts over the course of a couple of weeks:

  • “Spend that money, spend it all! Make it rain!”
  • “I don’t need to go to the salon, I can do it myself” (proceeds to chop off my hair)
  • “I’m not bipolar, it’s all totally in my head. I’m fine!”
  • “Sleep, who is she? I don’t need it in my life.”
  • “I feel so alive, there’s no way I’m manic right now.”
  • “I won’t accept delayed gratification, I want it NOW!”
  • “Going to start this new hobby, oh and this one, and let’s not forget this hobby, too!”
  • “I don’t want to come off this high, it’s so freeing!”
  • “I don’t need my meds anymore, I’m all better.”
  • “Everything and everyone is so boring.”


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