The Benefits of doing the Big Chop

Thinking about doing the big chop but scared to take the plunge? Let me convince you.

big chop

Often times as women with curly hair, we think going natural and doing the big chop is less feminine. It is ingrained in us that we have to have a certain length hair to look like a woman, hence why I was always rocking my straight hair. But let me tell you – that’s bull shirt. When I first started considering if I wanted to cut off all my hair I thought I couldn’t pull it off. But in today’s post, I want to convince you and share the benefits of doing the big chop.

What is the Big Chop?

If you aren’t familiar with what a “big chop” i.e. TWA (teeny weeny afro) is, it is cutting off all the damaged or over-processed hair and starting from scratch.

When I made the decision to go for it, the vulnerability I felt after cutting my hair made me feel like I could conquer the world. Turns out, chopping off all my hair wasn’t as scary as I’d originally thought. Eventually, doing hair was a completely different experience with a big chop, but I mastered the learning curve immediately.

To go more into it, the alternative to doing the big chop is transitioning your hair over a period of time. Through this process, you would trim your processed hair over time while still keeping the length.

Read my big chop experience here.

Benefits of doing the Big Chop

1// Easy Hair Care

Personally, I think having short hair is easier to style than when my hair was curly and long. Having a shortcut is low-maintenance, and it is easy to care for. After the big chop, styling my hair only took an average of 30 minutes depending on how defined I wanted my curls to be. This is especially so because I could go out with my hair fairly wet since it was so short. Styling my hair only required spraying my hair with water and applying the products. Done! If I wanted a more defined look, all I did was section out my hair and and finger coil my hair during product application.

2// One Hair Texture

The main reason I wanted to chop off all my hair was to maintain the same texture throughout my head. Before when I was transitioning, some of my curls were tighter while others barely curled. I was maintaining a few different textures, some which were over-processed, so it was harder to manipulate my hair.

3// Better Product Application & Results

Man, one of my favorite benefits of going completely natural is that apply products produced better results. This is mainly in part because my hair texture was the same throughout my entire head. When I first went short, I experimented with different product to finetune the right concoctions for better results. While transitioning from straight to curly hair, finding the perfect products for your hair can be a lot harder. Finally finding products that cater my natural products took my curls from drab to poppin’!

So, if you decide to do the big chop, I promise you’ll love it and it will produce better looking curls!

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