4 Things to do on a Girls Weekend

An annual girls trip is essential for selfcare. Today I’m sharing a few ideas for planning one.

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At least once a year, me and my girls take a girls trip to reconnect and be the girls that met in college. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again (and again, and again): every woman needs a girl’s weekend. That time with your girlfriends is good for the soul! Whether we were stepping away from our spouses, our kiddos, hectic jobs, or daily responsibilities, we met with no expectations but to rejoice in each others’ company. You can read 3 reasons why you should take a girls trip here. And if you need help on planning a one, read my post here.

4 Things to do on a Girls Weekend

Host a Spa Party // Mani-pedis are always a great activity for a big group of girls. You then can follow that up with blow-outs, and facials to really take your spa day over the top.

Make Flower Crowns or Floral Arrangements // First off, just imagine the adorable Instagramable pictures! Spending time doing flower crowns is a great way to do a different activity while connecting with your girlfriends.

Take a Pottery Class // You can find a class at a local pottery studio or at a recreation center. This is a great way to come home with both a tangible and intangible memory.

Take a Sunset Cruise // Whether it’s BYOB or the libations are already provided, a sunset cruise with the girls offers both time with friends and beautiful scenery.

Head to a Winery // Finishing off the list with an old tried and true idea – going to a winery. This one is self explanatory and never disappoints.


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