5 Curly Hair Upkeep Tips

Sharing a few tips and tricks for keeping your curly hair healthy.


In December of 2019, I decided to do the big chop. If you aren’t familiar with that term, it’s when you cut most, if not all, of your hair in an attempt to start your natural hair journey from the very beginning. You can read why I did the big chop here. Prior to going natural and then doing the big chop, I chemically treating my hair over two decades, 1-2 times treatments every year. It isn’t the healthiest choice but it’s something I voluntarily choose to do to achieve my version of ‘Becky with the good hair. But then I surrendered to my reliance on hair and cut it all off and I’ve never looked back. I think all my curly gals can agree, a deep conditioner is key to healthy curly hair. Today, I wanted to share a few tips and tricks for keeping your curly hair healthy.

5 Curly Hair Upkeep Tips

Sleep with a satin bonnet and pillowcase // Regardless of hair type, a satin bonnet (and/or pillowcase) is a great way to prevent hair breakage. It protects your hair from damaging surfaces, reduces frizz, and prevents split ends. This is especially true for my curl friends.

Co-washing // Co-washing is used to supplement shampoo, it’s a process that uses a conditioner to cleanse and hydrate your hair instead of using shampoo. This method is used to add moisture to your hair, which If you weren’t aware, is very necessary for curly hair. Because of the added hydration, co-washing also helps reset your curls. So, it’s not that you don’t shampoo your hair, it’s that you’re doing that step sparingly in an attempt to keep the moisture your curls need to thrive. I shampoo my hair every two weeks to remove product build-up from hair.

Use a Microfiber Towel or Cotton Tee to Dry // A microfiber towel or a cotton tee is one of the first curly hair purchases I made when I went natural. Regular terry-cloth towels promote frizz, especially for curly hair, so having a microfiber towel helps combat frizz. Plus the fabric is said to keep curls in tack which is a must.

Wear protective hairstyles // Experimenting with protective hairstyles has been a godsend for me. From past experience, I know that simply pulling my hair back in a ponytail or bun is actually bad for my hair. Doing that thins out your hairline and can damage your roots. Instead, try a protective hairstyle like braids or twists because it helps new growth. A few days after my wash-and-go, I typically comb out my curls, remoisturize, and faux box-braid or twist my hair which I wear pulled back in a low bun for roughly 3-4 days. This helps me not have to fuss over my hair for a few days and promotes hair growth!

Use repairing treatments and masks // Normal conditioner is great for adding moisture after shampooing, but a deep conditioner is taking it one step further. For may curl-friends, it’s a great way to revive your curls. Deep conditioning is great for combating frizz, supercharges growth, prevents split ends, and definitely helps repair heat damage. Here are my recommendations for masks and deep conditions. 

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