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June Small Goals + May Recap

Finally sharing the small goals I set for my June along with a recap + a look at my May goals!


Get the Look:

Shorts via Loft | Cardigan via American Eagle | Converse Sneakers | Necklace via Stella and Haas

Something about lockdown last summer and the outside being open this summer makes the fact that we’re in June weird. Like, how? I’m still digesting the fact that things are opening back up again, and your girl is loving it! I’ve had plans the last few weekends and it feels good! Not to mention we have actual vacations planned for the summer – like, what?! With that, let’s recap my May Small Goals, shall we?


May Recap:

1.Ask a blogger on a date. So I’m considering this completed. The date hasn’t officially happened, but it was planned last month, busy schedules just got in the way. I’m going to be meeting up with Jennings for dinner and I couldn’t be more excited.

2. Get back on the newsletter game. Wow, I had major intentions of getting this done but it kept getting pushed back. I do hope to send out a newsletter soon, I just don’t know how to go about it after almost two months of not sending. I’m a little overwhelmed and out of practice.

3. Ramp up nutrition and fitness. I don’t even know if this is something I cross off or not. There was some time where I couldn’t work out so that slowed things down. I’m trying to be more conscious of the food I eat, not necessarily cutting foods out but trying to do the 80/20 rule.



June Small Goals:

1.Actually get back on the newsletter game. I’m putting this back on for June because I’m determined to get back into the swing of things. Even if I only send one newsletter this month, I’ll count that as a success. Here’s hoping.

2. Clean out and organize my closet. It’s high time I do a good closet clean out and purge purge purge. This is easier said than done but I’m desperate for some space in my closet. I also need to bust out some of my summer pieces that I have stored away.

3. Register Remy at her new school. This has to happen this month, I cannot slack. Remy will be attending a new school next year, our home base school actually, and I need to officially register her. She’s been invited to attend a gifted program but it doesn’t automatically register her so…must do it now!


Get the Look:

Shorts via Loft | Cardigan via American Eagle | Converse Sneakers | Necklace via Stella and Haas

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