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May Small Goals + April Recap

Here we are, May! It’s time to look ahead at the month and reflect on April.


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Dress (TTS) | Denim Jacket (size up) | Similar Sandals | Tote

Happy May!! It’s my birthday month, y’all – let’s get crazy. I kid…well not really. So here we are, a new month which means a slew of new goals to set my sights on. April was kind of a whirlwind. In all the chaos, this blog kind of took a back seat. And don’t even get me started on the newsletter, I don’t even remember the last time one was sent out. Speaking of, that may just be one of my goals for the month. Keep reading to catch a recap from April and a look at what I’ve got instore for this month.

April Recap:

1.Clean out the kids’ closets. This is halfway done so I’m crossing it off my list. Theo’s closet and dresser are good to go and switched to sprint/summer. I still have to go through Remy’s dresser but her closet it good to go for the season.

2.Clean out my closet. This is also pretty much done. However, I still need to store away my sweater and bust out my shorts collection. Thank goodness because I’m over sweater weather.

3.Make prayer a priority. Not gonna lie, prayer is not a priority in my life. I want to make prayer a daily practice. I want to show gratitude for the great moments that often get overlooked AND I want to leave it all with God.




May Small Goals:

1. Ask a blogger on a date. This has been on few small goals posts before but I never delivered. Well, let’s change that! I don’t want to chickened out and really plan on putting on my big girl pants this month and asking a few bloggers out for coffee or brunch.

2. Get back on the newsletter game. As I mentioned before, it’s been a hot minute since a FabAve newsletter has gone out to subscribers. Like, I’m talking March. I’m pretty sure nothing went out last month, which is such a shame. This month, I really want to get my act together and get back into sending out weekly newsletters. That means, one needs to go out this week to jumpstart the goal!

3. Ramp up nutrition and fitness. This is a very general goal but I’m not sure where I’m going with it. Lately I’ve been very blah about both my nutrition and fitness, just going about the motions. I need to get back in the game and ramp up my gym time with new and different exercises and get back into eating right instead of eating ALL THE THINGS.



Get the Look:

Dress (TTS) | Denim Jacket (size up) | Similar Sandals | Tote

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