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March Small Goals + February Recap

A new month means a new batch of small goals! Here’s a recap of February goals along with what’s on deck for March.


Recreate the Look:

Dress (TTS) | Denim Jacket (size up) | Booties (TTS) | Earrings via Stella & Haas (use code FAB10 for 10% off) | Tote

Two months down 10 more to go! How are we in March, and a year in quarantine no less. It seems so strange to me that we’ve been at this for nearly an entire year. It’s funny to think we thought it’d only be for two weeks…so naïve. A new month means we get to start with a clean slate! Read on for a recap of February small goals along with what I plan to accomplish for March.

February Recap:

1.Clean My Car. I know this wasn’t hard to cross of my list, but it needed to be done and by including it for February I was holding myself accountable. All I need to do is have a trash bag handy before I trash my car again.

2.Reach out for partnerships. So, I didn’t necessarily do this but I did have a few brands that reached out to me. While I accepted a few of those partnership they were not paid collaborations. I’ve been thinking a lot about unpaid partnerships, and while I like getting free stuff, my content is worth getting paid for. So I’ve decided that from here on out I am no longer doing unpaid collabs.

3.Do the 100-day challenge. Still going strong with this one! I am on day 29 and feeling fine. My husband keeps saying that once I get up in the $60s, I’ll have to stop because we bills which makes total sense, I need to be responsible. So, I’m going to start over when it gets too high and will probably extend past the 100-days




March Small Goals:

1.Two social media free days. I’m on my phone far too much. I’d like to lower the amount of time I spend on social media, specifically Instagram. I think this would be good for me and maybe I can assess if I do this on a monthly basis.

2.Pushup challenge. I’m used to having pretty lean arms, but I’ve let myself “go” over the last few months and want to get back on the workout train. I figured a daily pushup challenge would be a nice easy foray to getting fit before my birthday.

3.Clean out the kids’ closets. I cleaned out my closet at the beginning of the year and have been meaning to do the same for the kids. Their closets and dressers are overflowing with clothes that no longer fit them, it’s time to purge big time.





Recreate the Look:

Dress (TTS) | Denim Jacket (size up) | Booties (TTS) | Earrings via Stella & Haas (use code FAB10 for 10% off) | Tote

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