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Winter Style Rut

I’m over this weather and ready to jump into spring. Who else is in a winter style rut??


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It’s during this time of year, every year without fail, that I get into a style rut. And the consequences of working from home make this rut worse than it has ever been. Will I ever not want to wear comfy cozy jogger sets? I don’t think so but for me, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

You see, I like getting dressed. It gives me a sense of purpose for my day, and funny enough, I’m more productive on days I get fully dressed. Now that’s easier when the weather isn’t gloom and doom which is what it’s been over the last few weeks. I know that eventually spring will arrive and getting dressed will be fun again but that seems so far away. Kinda as far as life without a pandemic, but that’s a completely different story.



I’ve tried to assign certain days during the week as days I promise myself to get dressed. Mondays are a good day to help kick-off the work week on the right foot. From there I play it by ear – do I have many client meetings? Yes, then I get dressed; no, then a matching jogger set it is.

I know it’s ridiculous to miss my jeans, pretty dresses, and blazers but I do! I know I’m in the minority in this regard but goodness, I miss my wardrobe. If I never have to wear joggers for the foreseeable future, I’d be alright with that. Don’t get me wrong, I like growing collection of joggers but like, I’m over it. Anyone else in the same boat?




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Similar Sweater | Denim (TTS) | Similar Jacket | Booties  (TTS)

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