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4 Valentine’s Day Themed Things to do with Kids

This is the perfect time to love on your littles an extra amount, especially since we’ll all be home.


I said this over on Instagram, but if you don’t follow me there I’ll say it again – Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday and I love dressing festively all month long! I just love any reason to celebrate love, my friends, it’s who I am!

Seeing as though we’ll be homebound for the foreseeable future, why not make the next few weeks a little more special with you’re littles? As a momma of two, I like to do little things here and there during any holiday but I’d like to make Valentine’s Day a bit more special this year. With that, here are 4 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with children.


4 Valentine’s Day Themed Things to do with the Kids

1// Handmade cards. I’m going to bust out the markers, glitter, stickers – the works, and we’re going to make handmade cards for everyone in our family, plus grandma and grandpa. I like to hit up the Dollar Store to get extra crafts to include in the activity. I like this as a way to encourage my little that love should be celebrated every day but this is a fun holiday to share bonus love.

2// A special meal. I‘m planning on make heart-shaped personal pan pizzas and will include red foods like raspberries, strawberries, apple slices – you get the picture. This would also be fun as a kid-friendly activity, have your littles help out in the kitchen. Another Dollar Store plug – grab some themed plates and decorations to make the table a little extra special.

3// A themed craft. Whether I’m grabbing something from the Dollar Store or Michael’s, I like to get themed crafts for the kiddos to make. Even the Dollar Spot at Target is probably stocked with cute activities the kids can do. We usually make hearts to hang in our windows.

4// Make cookies! A few years ago, I shared a super simple, super delicious Valentine’s Day cookie recipe that I plan on doing again this year with the kids. You can checkout that recipe here. And if you have a heart-shaped cookie cutter EVEN BETTER!

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