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4 Ways to Invest in Yourself in 2021

Investing in yourself equals self love. Don’t believe me? Try these 4 ways to invest in yourself and see what what happens.


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Looking for the best return on investment when it comes to you mental wellness? It should be a no brainer – investing in yourself is the best self-care out there. But this goes beyond facemasks or a bubble bath complete with candles and wine, I’m talking really investing in yourself. Whether that means hiring a personals trainer, taking a cooking class, learning a new language, or developing a new skill – investing in yourself is both selfish and selfless. Weird concept, I know, but you can’t serve other if you’re not serving yourself too. It’s about developing your gifts and talents, friend! We’re talking the epitome of self-love!


Here are a few ways to invest in yourself in 2021

Therapy. I hope this one seems pretty self-explanatory but maybe not. Talking it out with someone that isn’t bias to your experiences can do wonders to your mental health. I can attest to this.

Self Help Books. This may seem cheesy but I promise you it’s not. Well, maybe a little. I love a good self help book. I think they are a great sources to develop your knowledge or expertise in any arena.

Health. Another fairly obvious one but people often put this on the backburner. Taking your health seriously means  fueling your body and exercise (this could be as simple as a nice long walk). Don’t underestimate the power of good nutrients and moving your body – they give you the energy to take on the day.

Meditation and/or Prayer. Both meditation and prayer teach you a lesson in mindfulness, being present, and connection. They force you to be at one with yourself and may even help answer some lingering questions. Both mediation and prayer help you go beyond the mind and are great tools to gain peace, happiness, and bliss.


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