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How to Create a Vision Board

Going old-school and creating a visual representation of how I want my 2021 to unfold.


When my husband found me at the kitchen table cutting out from magazine, presentation board and glue stick in hand, he said I looked like a little kid. Let me live, bro! That night I had gotten it in my head that I needed to create a vision board. Now, I don’t know if I believe the hype of vision boards but I see people creating them all the time, so why not me? Any good vibes I can bring in to 2021 are welcome.

I see it this way, as a visual person, maybe visualization, good vibes, positive thinking, and some prayers will make 2021 a year of accomplishments, even in quarantine. I wanted to start off my 2021 with a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish. I created my vision board a few weeks ago and I want to share my little tips and ticks on how you can make a vision board of your own. Whether you’re wanting to find a new job, take vacations (when that happens again), looking to improve your health – incorporate those themes and ideas to your vision board. Then every day, look at your board and speak your goals into existence. Maybe we’ll see things happen, maybe we wont, either way it was a therapeutic experience that’s I recommend. Oh, my friend Cierra at Ambitiously Cierra shared tips on how to create a digital vision board which I found so cool.


Creating a Vision Board

  • You’ll need a board, tape, glue, and/or thumb tacks.
  • Grab a couple of magazines and go old school with finding pictures and phrases to add to your board or print out them out. You can head to Pinterest for inspiration, too.
  • I like to cut out images and words that inspire me or that I want to accomplish this year (ex: I included words like “enough” “confidence” “bloom”, images of women that inspire me, colors that I love, and brands that I want to work with, etc.).
  • Arrange your words and images on the board in an appealing way.
  • This is a great exercise in positive thinking and I’m interested to looking back and see if any off my visions came true.
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