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2021 Word of the Year

Do you come up with a Word of the Year? I do and I’ve finally landed on mine for 2021!


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For the past 5 years, at the beginning of each year, I ‘ve come up with a word for the year ahead. I use this word as my anchor – something that I can come back to when I feel like things are falling apart around me, or even when things are at peek greatness. It’s like a touchstone I can depend on to assess how I want my year to unfold. Usually, if I have been doing enough reflecting backwards and planning forward, the right word comes to me. I haven’t always been successful at leaning into my Word of the Year (read the 2020 recap here), and that’s okay.




For 2021, the word that made its presence known to me is harmony. Harmony is defined as “the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.” 2020 was chaotic so I think living a harmonious year only seems fitting. For me, leaning into a harmonious 2021 means finding peace within me and with environment and people around me. It goes beyond finding balance (which was my 2018 WotY) and focuses on my reaction to opposing forces. Does that make sense?

In 2021, I don’t necessarily want perfect harmony because that obviously doesn’t exist. However, I hope to gain an awareness of self that I’ve lost and harness that harmony to maybe find myself again. And I know what you may be thinking, given the first few weeks of the year, it’s impossible to live it entirely harmonious. I’m fully aware that there will be moments when my harmony is disrupted, such is life. But by keeping harmony as my anchor, I have set a clear touchstone to rely on when my harmonious bubble seems to be closing in.





Get the Look:

Sweater (TTS) | Jeans (TTS) | Sneakers (TTS) | Moto Jacket (TTS) | Earrings via HBH

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