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A Recap of my 2020 Word of the Year

Reflecting on my 2020 word of the year and how I abandoned it because last year was crazy.


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Happy Monday, folks! Here we are, the second week of 2021 and we’ve already experienced too so much. As I try to land on a Word of the Year for 2021, I couldn’t help but look back at last year’s word. Reading back at my 2020 Word of the Year, it hit me how I failed at living in the essence of my from last year – Intention.

My goodness did I have high hopes to live with intention. I wanted to have intention behind how I spent my time, what I poured my effort into, how I shopped, how I parented my kids – you get the picture. And then COVID-19 happened and my world was turned upside down. My “intention” for lockdown became trying not to lose my mind, and well, I lost it. As someone who suffers from depression and is an enneagram 7, being told to stay home with no end in sight hit me pretty hard.




As we can see from last week’s events, just because it’s 2021 doesn’t mean we’ve escaped the ghosts of last year. I think I’m taking a little while to land on my word for this year is because I don’t want to fail. Does that make sense? I failed myself last year and let my negative thoughts consume me. Like I mentioned in last week’s Small Goals post, one of the things I want to cross off my list for January is find a therapist and take care of my mental health. Last year put me through the ringer and I want to find ways to cope in 2021. So here’s hoping I can come up with my word and share with y’all too.




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