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The Holiday Struggle

Sharing a few things to help me feeling a little less Ebenezer Scrooge and a little more Buddy the Elf.


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Coat c/o Joules | Jeans via Madewell | Similar Sweater | Similar Boots

We’re T-11 days until Christmas AND we’re 9 months into a pandemic – that’s a double whammy if I ever saw one. You better believe you’re girl is on the struggle bus. But, as I shared earlier this month, I’m faking that holiday cheer as much as possible. Some days it works and some days it doesn’t but that’s how this time of the year usually works, so I consider that a major win!

There are a few things I’ve focused on to get me through this last leg of 2020. These simple, actionable things have kinda helped me regroup when I’m feeling that holiday struggle. For example, if I’m just completely spent one day, I make it a priority to go to bed at least 30-minutes before my usual bed time. I call the day a wash and look forward to the next one. Oh, and leave yesterday’s problems behind.



Something else that seems to be helping is my 20-minute power pause. If I’m feeling frazzled, I take something I’ve been meaning to do – whether that’s reorganizing the pantry, tackling the wretched cabinet in the kitchen, or even folding laundry – to pause and DO THE DAMN THING. Afterwards, I feel a sense of accomplishment which is always a good thing.

My last little trick is actually a little silly. I have a saved folder on Instagram where I store funny videos or quotes I come across while I’m scrolling mindlessly on IG. It’s dubbed ‘Happy’ because after I stop to enjoy a giggle or two, I feel happy and a little less wound up.

What do you do to get yourself off the holiday struggle bus?





Get the Look:

Coat c/o Joules | Jeans via Madewell | Similar Sweater | Similar Boots

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