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Normalize Outfit Repeating

Giving y’all a little explainer as to why Fabulously Average started and why I think outfit re-wearing is important. 


Get the Look:

Dress (TTS) | Denim Jacket (Size up) | Similar Sneakers (TTS) | Straw Tote | Earrings via Natalie Borton

Let’s get real here. I have been sharing my outfits across the internet since 2011. That’s almost 10 years of Fabulously Average – that blows my mind! It goes without saying that the state of fashion/style blogging has changed since I started blogging. To be completely candid, I miss the innocence of (fashion/style) blogs from those first few years after it became the “thing” to do. Back then it was more about recreating a look as opposed to buying the look. This was a time before shoppable links, affiliate income, and side hustles.

Recently, Indiana Adams gave me a shoutout in her podcast, Today by the Way. In that episode, she shares her tips for creating a thoughtful closet instead of having one filled with a bunch of things that are on-trend. Indiana reminded me why I started Fabulously Average, and why I continue to put my heart and soul into this little space.




If you’re new around here, the genesis of this blog began because I never really saw bloggers and content creators re-wearing outfits. Like, why? That gets expensive, y’all! It is for that very reason that I created series like How to Style and the Wardrobe Remix. They are meant to help women actually wear and re-wear the items they already own. I want to be a resource to the average, yet fabulous, women that need a little inspiration to find new and inventive ways to wear their wardrobe. 

So with that, I last wore this dress earlier this summer pretending like I had somewhere to go. This time around I actually had somewhere to go (my in-law’s house for dinner) and wanted to dress it down a bit. I love this dress because it’s easy yet feminine, basically my ideal dress. Based on everything I said, you better believe you’ll be seeing this dress in the future because 1) it’s a favorite, and 2) I don’t mind being a repeat outfit offender. Like Indiana says in her podcast, we need to do a better job at normalize outfit re-wearing.

Thank you, Indiana, for giving this blogger a second wind and reminding me why I do what I do:)





Get the Look:

Dress (TTS) | Denim Jacket (Size up) | Similar Sneakers (TTS) | Straw Tote

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