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As a mom, it’s my duty to educate my children to go beyond not being racist but to show them how to be anti-racist.


Here we are, two months since the death of George Floyd, and for a lot of people things are “back to normal.” Sadly, George’s death seemed to have catapulted an issue that should have always been center stage. And while I’m happy it opened my eyes to something I constantly saw yet didn’t understand, I hate that so many people have lost, and continue to lose their lives over the color of their skin.

If y’all needed a reminder, the work is not over.

If you’re a parent, it is especially important for you to educate your children to go beyond not being racist but to show them how to be anti-racist. Hello, we are raising the next generation of leaders. But in order to raise a generation of anti-racist leaders, we must have the tough conversations.

In the past, I’ve had brief conversations with Remy about racism, specifically while reading Rad American Women A-Z: Rebels, Trailblazers, and Visionaries who Shaped Our History . . . and Our Future! by Kate Scha. But I think it is due time to discuss the topic again and try to answer her questions the best I can, while also explaining to her that if she sees injustice she must speak up for those that can’t. 

I really think we can all help our brothers and sisters within the Black community by starting to have those important conversations at home. Teaching by example, having awkward and hard conversations, and doing better. Personally, I’ve added books to our kid library that feature, and are written by, people of color. A few recent ones include Layla’s Happiness, Princess Hair, and I had a Favorite Dress.

Another great resource I’ve found for myself, and I think other parents could leverage is, Raising Race Conscious Children. Here is an article I found really helpful in talking to your kids about racism and being anti-racist. It also includes tons of additional resources I’m going to be looking into. Lastly, The Every Mom recently shared tons of book recommendations.

Some Inclusive Books We Love:


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