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Life Update – Quarantine Edition

It’s been a little while since I shared a life update. Let’s catch up, shall we?


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I think we can all agree that this year is turning out way different than anyone would have anticipated back in January. Man, it seems silly to think back to all the promise I had for 2020 only to face my first pandemic. Like, we are going through a global pandemic, a Civil Rights movement, and it’s an election year – 2020 is one for the books, that’s for damn sure. In an attempt to keep kick off the week on light and bright note, I thought I’d share a little life update!

Books I’ve Read//

I need to get back into it but I have been steadily keeping up with my reading this year. And by reading I mean listening via Audible. Mind you, I haven’t been that great a keeping up with my classic novel list but we can’t have it all, so whatever. I few recent reads include Glennon Doyles’s Untamed which I loved, Elizabeth Acevedo’s Clap When You Land which I related to on so many levels, and Becoming by Michelle Obama. I also absolutely loved Hank Green’s An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and Jessica Simpson’s Open Book which was a quick read.

As part of my classic novels list, I have Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein on the docket and I’m halfway through Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights which is a bore. I think I’m going to tackle American Royal’s by Katharine McGee before I hit the classic tho.

Shows I’ve Watched//

Man, my binge-watching has been at an all-time high, y’all. But I’m sure everyone else in the same boat, stuck at home and all. A few recent favorites include Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club, the latest seasons of Working Moms, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, 13 Reasons Why, and Never Have I Ever.

The fella and started and finished season 1 of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime and we’re hooked! I can’t wait to start on season 2. While there were hits, there were also misses. I tried to get into Love is Blind back in March (that seems so long ago), but didn’t get very far. Same goes with Unsolved Mysteries, just not for me. I also never ventured into the Tiger King stage of quarantine.

Home Projects//

Because I’m spending all my time at home, I was finally able to convince Kevin to invest in our house a little. We recently furnished our downstairs patio and I’ve been spending the first half of my day working outdoors and it’s probably my favorite thing ever. I enjoy a coffee while I get work done and I’m content. It’s also nice to have somewhere comfy to park myself while the kids play int he kiddie pool on weekends.

We’re also waiting on a shipment of outdoor dining furniture for our top deck to enjoy dinner outside. And lastly, we got new kitchen appliances and I couldn’t be more excited! Mainly because I’ll have a fridge with a water and ice dispenser which is my all-time dream. Yeah, I’m corny like that!


Daily Routines//

Quarantine forced me to create routines in order to break up my day. I can’t sit in front of my laptop all day working. I wasn’t doing that in the office so why did I think it would be good for me to it at home. Thankfully the weather has been pretty damn nice through this stay-at-home period so I’ve found it relaxing and necessary to take daily walks. I almost always take one before I have to jump on my computer for the morning and try and take a second one before or after lunch. They typically last 20-minutes which results in 1 mile per walk.

Like I mentioned in the Home Improvement section, since the arrival of our outdoor sectional, I spend my morning outside working. I have my coffee, my water bottle, and my laptop ready to work! It’s seriously become one of my favorite parts of the day.


In the midst of all the chaos, were actually taking a family trip next week. It’s nothing crazy but we’re headed to Maryland with another family (whose also taken quarantine pretty seriously) and spending a long weekend at a lakehouse. Not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous, but we trust the family we’re going with, not to mention the kiddos need some time away from home. I’m also pretty excited about the fact that I’ll be out of our house for more than 3 hours for the first time since March.


At the beginning of quarantine, I hopped on Amazon and got the kids a kiddie pool and a slip-n-slide. We already had a water table but needed more outdoor play reinforcements since we wouldn’t be leaving the house. Seriously, these purchases have been a godsend! We usually spend our Saturday mornings outside getting wet and not having a care in the world, which is exactly what I want for them given we’re in the middle of a pandemic.





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Tank (TTS) | Shorts (if between sizes, size up – on sale!) | Similar Flats | Crossbody Bag

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