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Happy 7th Birthday, Remy Maryn

Tomorrow my firstborn, mini-me turns seven, and as is tradition, here’s my letter to her.


What a year to celebrate a birthday, am I right? And for a kid, getting a whole year older is not as exciting as it was pre-COVID. Tomorrow, my mini-me Remy Maryn, turns seven. SEVEN. I’ve been able to keep someone other than myself alive for seven years, that kinda blows my mind, to be honest.

This has been quite the year for our relationship. We are struggling to see eye-to-eye these days and that’s definitely making things rockier than normal. We are suffering through some growing pains, that’s for sure, and being quarantined for the last 4+ months has been a trip.



But my has this last year brought so much growth for y girl! Academically, first grade was a major win. She’s reading chapter books and is even reading in Spanish! She scored off the charts compared to children her age, which is great to see as her mom. But like last year, behavioral Remy struggled. She spent a lot of time in her counselor’s offer and a lot of notes were sent home, but I think she’s learning. Learning to be kinder, learning to be more patient – essentially learning as she goes. Just like I am, so I have to stop faulting her.

I’m proud of the way she handled distanced learning for the last quarter of first grade. It had its challenges, but homegirl was able to come out of with new knowledge fo what she was taught, and an understanding that the coronavirus sucks. She understood that staying home was the safest option for everyone, and had no qualms with wearing a mask when it was required of her (to the dentist and a doctor’s appointment).


My sweet Remy Girl, I know this birthday is unlike any other you’ve had but I’m proud of how you’re handling it. You understand that we can’t throw a big bash and are resolve with the fact that we’re going to make it special all on our own at home.

You are still extremely strong-willed, a leader, and your favorite color is still rainbow (I love that). Your favorite animal is the narwal and you love anything with sparkle and shine. You don’t like performing to an audience and your current obsession is The Magic School Bus.

My hope for you is to keep your curiosity and wonder. Continue not letting anyone push you around, and keep being lightening. Happy 7th birthday, Remy Maryn. Mommy loves you!


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