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Mid-Year Assessment

Is life slower because of current events or have I intentionally made adjustments to better my life?


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Y’all, when the hell did we stroll into June? Like, how have we already reached the mid-year mark? I guess the coronavirus kinda did something different to the way time has moved. And while things are slowly opening up again, a pre-Covid world no longer exists. This is forever changed. Everything’s a lot slower, a lot more calculated, and a lot more intentional, which makes me think about my 2020 Word of the Year.

Back in January, I dubbed my WotY to be Intention. I wanted to have more purpose to my every day. My thought was that by having intention as my anchor, I would use it in making decisions in 2020, i.e. having intention behind my decisions would help me make better life choices. I wanted to have intention behind how I spent my time, what I poured my energy into, how I shopped, how I parented my kids…you get where I’m going here.


While I do think I try and think things through a little more, I don’t know that I can confidently say that I’m being completely intentional in all things. Sure, when it comes to choosing how I spend my time – definitely intentional about that. However, I think living in the world of COVID, that’s a requirement. Right? Sames goes with my shopping habits. Because life is still quite sheltered (thanks coronavirus), what I choose to add to my wardrobe is very methodical. Are you approaching life a little differently, more intentionally, because of COVID?

I find myself asking, “Am I intentionally living my life this way, or was it forced upon me? If forced, do I want to continue going in this direction?”




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